About PlexiFlex

PlexiFlex is a combination process of fine art digital printing and face mounting. The result is an excecptional method for displaying photos and graphic arts. PlexiFlex can be made from digital file or print provided by client. PlexiFlex provides some pre-configure series for choose. Custom configuration also avaliable as well.

PlexiFlex Detail

The advantages

Enhance image quality. UV protected. Archival. Dust and finger print proof

The method

Digital type "C" printing from state of the art Durst LAMBDA printer.
Selected top quality material to ensure the best possible result.
Fabricated by skillful technicians under high quality control standard.
Precise edge finishing via CNC machine equipted with DIAMOND tools.

Cost compare

Custom series price vary
Premium series high
Deluxe series moderate
Pro series economic


To obtain PlexiFlex product, please contact the provider.


Specifications and prices may vary on different service providers.
Please contact the provider for detail.

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